App State Provost to Faculty Senate: No Merit Raises for Faculty this Year (Report)

At the Faculty Senate’s December 3, 2018 meeting, Appalachian State University Provost Darrell Kruger the decision not to award faculty (i.e., EHRA employees) merit raises for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The UNC Board of Governors authorized campuses to give EHRA employees a merit raise of up to 4.99%. Some campuses, such as UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, UNCG, and UNCA, awarded such raises (For more on this decision process, see this article).

In his remarks, the provost acknowledged that he had receive Senate resolution FS 18-19/11-12/01, which insisted “that the faculty of Appalachian State University receive a merit-based salary increase in the 2018/19 fiscal year.”

That being said, the provost announced that “faculty will not receive merit-based raises for 2018-2019.”

Instead, the provost had made what he called the “hard choice” to allocate funds available for such raises to support the academic needs arising from growth in student enrollment.

The provost proceeded to justify his decision. He said that Chancellor Sheri Everts understood the need for competitive salaries to recruit and retain faculty. The provost stated that since Everts became chancellor in 2014, compensation has increased for all employment categories at Appalachian State. Everts, he noted, had implemented raises totaling $10 million.

The provost reminded the Senate that 76% of the university’s general budget is allocated to Academic Affairs. Moreover, 75% of state-allocated enrollment growth funds are allocated to Academic Affairs.

The provost acknowledged that while more could be done on faculty salaries, the university was on “the right trajectory.”

He also implied that Faculty Senate members had been remiss in failing to attend spring budget presentations. He said: “While invitations are sent to the entire campus given their importance, they are not representationally attended by Faculty Senate members.” He reminded the Senate that “university budgeting is a collaborative process.” The budget presentations for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 is scheduled to take place on April 12, 2019.

The Appalachian State AAUP chapter strongly encourages readers to give their thoughts on this matter in the “comments” section below.

The provost’s remarks were also reported on in this article from the Watauga Democrat.

(Note: This post is a report on matters of interest to the chapter, not an official statement by the chapter).

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